The People...

Brendan Connor
Executive Chef

Brendan Connor began his culinary journey in 1999 at nationally acclaimed restaurant Hominy Grill in Charleston, S.C. While attending college at The College of Charleston, Brendan started as a dishwasher and quickly realized he wanted to be working as a cook.

After training at numerous restaurants, Whisk Gourmet opened in 2007 as a catering company in Coral Gables. The catering company evolved into a restaurant over the next few years and relocated to South Miami in 2011. Since the restaurant relocated, Brendan has received press and accolades for his skilled work in the kitchen creating a true neighborhood restaurant. 

Brendan lives in Shennandoah with his wife Marilyn, daughter Madison, and dog Mona. 

Kristin Connor
Managing Partner

Starting in 2000, Kristin Connor began working in and managing restaurants in Washington DC, New York City, and now Miami. Her passion for the business began at home. Growing up in a family that cooked and dined together every evening not only educated her, but cultivated her curiosity about food as entertainment. Large family gatherings always revolved around food, wine and great conversation.

Kristin and Brendan opened the original concept for Whisk Gourmet in Coral Gables in a small 650 square foot space. The original concept was a catering company but evolved as a restaurant when the business moved to the location in South Miami. 

Kristin lives in Coconut Grove with her son Cash. 

Leila Eck

General Manager

Brazilian born Leila Eck, 32, first started working at Whisk with the catering team in 2009 at the original location on Le Jeune. At that point she had lived in Miami for only one year. Leila became the third official hire as server at the original location and took a management role when Whisk relocated to South Miami.

Leila has a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Social Communication in Brazil, and has always been passionate about food & travel. Leila is now the General Manager of Whisk Gourmet, which requires her to wear many hats. 

Evelyn Medina


Evelyn Medina is a dining room Manager with the Whisk family. She graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Finance but her true passion lies in the hospitality industry. After all, she loves food, wine, and people, which is what hospitality is all about. She first began her career in the industry as a hostess and office manager. During subsequent years, she has worked many positions in the front of the house, her favorite being bartending. Bartending allowed her to express her creativity and passion for great food by combining flavors with the objective of expertly pairing drinks with dishes for an ultimate dining experience. Evelyn started as a server with Whisk Gourmet and was quickly promoted to a management position.

Loren Abraham


Loren has nearly two decades of experience in the hospitality industry which is supported by a BS in Finance from Florida State University. It was in Tallahassee where Loren began his career while still attending college. Since then, Loren has operated restaurants and bars in San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, & South Florida, where he gained valuable perspective and experience with independent operators and corporate concepts, such as Hard Rock and Restaurants-America.

During Loren’s time spent in California he was exposed to new and creative dining experiences, where culture, design, music, food and beverage all came together. His passion for the business has continued to grow ever since.  Loren believes that whether you are dining with others or on your own, if you are ordering across a countertop or sitting at the Chef’s table, your experience should be great and unique.

Loren his wife, Ana, his son, Luke and the newest member of their family Lyla live in Palmetto Bay, FL.

Carlos Montenegro - Sous Chef

Born in El Salvador, Carlos and his family migrated to Miami in 1981.  It was upon settling in a quiet corner of Coral Gables that Carlos would come to meet the Connor family.  It wouldn't take long for Carlos and Brendan Connor to become inseparable, and so a life-time friendship was born.

Like so many young people, Carlos dabbled in various fields as he waited to find his true calling.  In fact, his career in the culinary arts began more so out of necessity than any particular passion for cooking.   In his own words, "An empty stomach can drastically
change the course of ones path in life."

However, his love for the kitchen quickly became apparent, and with it he set out to one day become a Chef.  Carlos began as a prep cook at The Gables Diner, where he would receive a crash-course in the culinary business. Afterwards, he began working at Tarpon Bend Raw Bar & Grill on Miracle Mile, where he would cross paths with his childhood friend, now Chef Brendan.

Within two years, Brendan invited Carlos to take a role in his new business venture, a modest, yet rapidly growing catering company: Whisk Gourmet Food and Catering.  The rest is history.

"I can honestly say that few people have the opportunity to do what they love for a living.  Even fewer have the chance to work side-by-side with their best friend.  I can. I'm really greatful for it, and I know it wouldn't be possible without all of the people who are a part of Whisk Gourmet.  I give a special thanks to all of our patrons.  Without them we would be nothing."

Luana Faria


Brazilian-born Luana migrated to Miami with her family when she was 9 years old. Influenced by Miami's global melting pot of cultures, Luana developed a desire to learn more about the hospitality industry. In high school, she

joined a four year magnet program under the Academy of Hospitality & Tourism in Miami Springs. By the time Luana graduated, she had acquired customer service skills, earned work experience in the field, learned to network and was mentored by professionals within the industry. She is

multilingual (Portuguese, English, Spanish and French) and has an appreciation and understanding of other cultures and loves to travel. In 2005, Luana began working in the restaurant industry where she held various positions in the front and back of the house. Luana joined the Whisk family

in 2008 as a server and hostess, and was promoted to a managerial role after Whisk relocated to South Miami. Luana believes in fostering an environment of exceptional service in order to ensure our guests have the optimal dining experience.

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